Namcha Newsletter, April 2003

for Wayward Animals

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Here is hoping you have a HAPPY EASTER from Namcha Home !!

Namcha Home For Wayward Animals

TIR-NA-NOG FARM   P.O. Box 145
Elverson, PA. 19520
(610) 286-9630

                                                                          April 2003

 Dear Namcha Friend,

     The day of the open house finally approaches! I know I have been promising we will get together for a long time now – but finally I am setting a date. We will be having a “High Tea” between the hours of 1:00 PM and 4:00 PM on Saturday May 24, 2003. Please call the number above to let me know if you plan to attend so I will know how many tea sandwiches, scones, and pastries to make! I am used to mixing mass quantities of food in a large stainless steel bucket to be distributed into smaller stainless steel dishes and then placed on the floor. I don’t, however, believe you would come if I planned to serve you in the same manner. We will have the tea items set out in my dinning room, and I have tables, and chairs all over the lawn and up around the kennel building for you to relax and visit the Ladies and Gentlemen in fur to everyone’s hearts content. Please help me pray for good weather since tea sandwiches, et al, won’t keep for a rain date!

    Just give us a call at 610-286-9630 for directions.

   I do hope you will be able to come. I want you to see how well the new building turned out, and to meet the residents you are helping to support. They are all anxious to meet you. Feel free to give out all the petting and lovies you want. I never seen any turned down! Fineksa, one of the cats, does drool and sometimes give a little love nip, but it really doesn’t hurt. Nobody – not one animal will bite out of meanness; so don’t be worried about that. The horses will be in the barn, but I can’t guarantee the biting clause with them! I would suggest just a pet without a treat. I don’t plan to put out any horse treats. I will have some critter treats set out for you to give the smaller kids, just please give only one each. Someone will be along behind you who will also want to give a treat. If they get too many – well you know what happens! No people food please for the same reason!

     As for a quick update, two of Finnoula’s three children have been adopted. Junior, the male baby who resembles his Father Billy’s Belly, is the only one remaining to be adopted. I don’t have any extra carriers so if you want to take him home with you best bring your own! He has been neutered, and gotten his shots so except for your background check he is ready to go! Also, Brandy’s cancer finally got too far advanced and she has gone to the space set aside in Heaven for Namcha Home alumni and friends. I miss her terribly. We also lost Augustus, but he was one really old cat. It’s sad to say Good-bye to my friends, but I know they had a good long life here with plenty of love and good food. There are too many unwanted animals that die afraid, alone, and hungry, without ever making it to someplace like Namcha. Thanks to your continued help Namcha Home makes a difference in many little furry lives. I wish I could save them all.

    Well that’s it for now. Please call to say you are coming May 24th, and how many guests you plan to bring along. I am really looking forward to putting faces to the names of our newest friends. If you have an e-mail address, please send it along to me so I might e-mail the next newsletter to you. I know our letters can be few and far between, but I use every penny for upkeep of the gang and I hate to take funds away from them for postage costs. With e-mail you might hear from us more often!


Wags, purrs, love, and prayers from all of us to all of you,

 Sharon McCaffrey

And the Fur Folk   

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