Namcha Newsletter, November, 2002

for Wayward Animals

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Namcha Home For Wayward Animals

TIR-NA-NOG FARM   P.O. Box 145
Elverson, PA. 19520
(610) 286-9630


November 2002


Dear Namcha Friend,

      I really expected fall to last a little longer than one week!! I know running out of Spring was my fault because I was so busy, but I really wasn’t prepared for it to go from cool to cold in about three days. I have always loved spring and fall the best, but I keep forgetting we seem to have only summer and winter anymore!    

    Looks like our Open House may have to wait again until the weather is a bit more in favor of a farm visit. I want you to have the chance to walk about the kennel and lawns and visit with everyone, without catching a cold or collapsing from heat stroke! Right now we will start planning for May. How about Saturday May 17th? That should be a springish kind of day. (I sound like Winnie the Pooh!) I had thought about a masquerade party for October, but perhaps we’ll have a May High Tea instead. Different kinds of tea and tea sandwiches, scones and pastries; that sounds nice for an early spring afternoon. Just as much as I was sure you wouldn’t like to visit in the stifling heat, I am also sure the wet and cold wouldn’t be too appealing either. I promise this time wewill get together in the spring.

     My brother set up a website for Namcha Home as his Christmas gift to me. If you have a computer, or access to one, please go to and check it out. I can only look at it at work (which doesn’t thrill my boss) because I don’t have a computer myself – not yet at least. One may be donated to Namcha Home in the next few weeks, so fingers and claws are crossed.  I don’t know where he got the picture of the property from the air, but my brother can do anything! I suppose that sentiment is residual from my childhood when your big brother could save the world. Mine still does save my little corner of it at times. Anyway --- check out the page. I will be adding some pictures of the facility, residents, and volunteers as soon as I can. If you do have a computer, send me your email address and I’ll email the newsletter to you next time! You’ll be able to email Namcha Home too! This should be fun.

     Now for the animal news. As they say, I have some good news and some bad news. Good news first. We took in a new roomie. His name is “Max”, but I tend to call him “Maximilian the Maximum Dog”. He’s a kind of hound or beagle mix. Looks a lot like a Lab size beagle. He’s still carrying his “male dog baggage”, but I intend to relieve him of that soon! He has a great personality and was living with children, so he’s used to them. Cats seem to be another story all together. He really seems to want to get close to the cats, but I’m not really comfortable with his motivation.

     We haven’t had any adoptions, but that’s not the bad news. Augustus; an orange and white tabby, passed away last month. He was very elderly and had lived here with us for about eight years. He had been rescued from the streets in Philadelphia. He took to farm life like he had been born to it! He was a great friend and companion to all of us at Namcha, and he will be sorely missed. The other bad news concerns Brandy, a mixed bred dog that has always reminded me of a golden retriever that had been washed and shrunken a bit in the dryer. Brandy has been diagnosed with cancer. It’s a very aggressive type that is quickly taking over her lower jaw. She is about thirteen or fourteen years old and has had a good life here. When she arrived about twelve years ago I had “no room at the inn”, so she has lived in the house with me. Although I dearly love all the residents here, having Brandy as a constant companion has been such a gift. I always thought she discouraged prospective adopters because she wanted to stay with me. Lots of people looked at her, but she would always do something wrong, like it was on purpose. Once she snapped at a lady – out of character, once she wet the on the floor – out of character, and once she wouldn’t even stand up to say hello! I think she picked me! Her cancer could be treated with radical surgery – removing half her jaw, or with chemo or radiation, but it wouldn’t cure her and I think it would only make her remaining time uncomfortable. Brandy will stay as long as she is still having fun being a dog. When the fun is over, I’ll make arrangements for her to go to be with Augustus and many of our other old friends. It will break my heart, and I will miss her terribly, but that is best for her and how we have always handled things at Namcha Home. I will stay with her, and pet her, and give her lovies to the end. Jeez, I’m going to make myself cry, I’d better stop now. Quick – let’s change the subject!!

    Finnoula and Billy’s children have grown quickly! I suppose I’ll have them neutered soon. No one has put a claim to any of them yet so there are still two boys and a girl looking for humans to care for. Spread the word.

    There is a very fat opossum living near the barn. I believe it has decided that it’s much easier to share cat food, than to search for it’s own. Perhaps the shortening of the exercise of the search has a little something to do with the circumference of the opossum. It waddles to and from the food bowls in the top of the barn. In nasty weather it curls up in the hay or cat bedding, which is just fine until you try to pet the gray cat. I wasn’t aware that humans could jump about ten feet straight up when necessary, but I am now!

     Well, here I go again – writing too much! Wags, purrs, love and prayers to all, until next time.


God bless,

 Sharon and the Furry Ones

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