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  Dear Namcha Friend,

          Sorry it has taken me so long to write again. Things have been a bit hectic. We have rebuilt. I had the critters moved back in by the end of February. There are still some finishing touches the contractor needs to complete like fixing some of the stucco, caulking windows, and exterior painting; but having everyone back inside was the most important!

     Brigid, the little cocker mix who got a bad burn in the fire, was adopted in April. Her new family simply adores her. I think she has taken over control of daily life there. Any time her new Daddy wants to leave in the car, she insists on going along! The poor man can’t even leave for work without discussing with Brigid why she cannot come along! Even then, he says she looks so sad he feels like a heel for leaving her.

     Finnoula, a semi-wild cat, and the only one not spayed, has added three kittens to our family since getting loose during the fire. From the looks of them I think Billy’s Belly (the only male not neutered) has to be the Daddy. One kitten looks exactly like Billy so I don’t think the Father was a traveling salesman. None of the kids have been adopted yet so if you know anyone in the market for a cutie pie let me know. Finnoula and Billy have remained friends but, thanks to a little veterinary intervention, have no intention of enlarging their little family.

     Soon after the fire, while I still had dogs together that had not been together before; we did have one mishap. Silkie, a Lab mix; had a slight altercation with Killian, a Doberman/Lab mix. Her one front leg was bitten and she had to go to the Vet. Happily though, while she was there, one of the veterinary technicians fell hopelessly in love with her and has taken her home to add to her own family. Every trip to the Vet brings an update on how happy Silkie is. What better home could I possibly have come up with on my own!

     I did manage to add a few improvements to the new building. We now have a concrete bunker next to the kennel itself that houses the propane-fired furnace. Lines have been run through the wall into the kennel attaching to three hot-water heated radiators (I guess that’s what they’re called) to actually heat the building. Should they ever have a problem, they’ll just leak. I’m sure the possibility of dripping water is much better that the possibility of a fire any day. The fire started in the electrical wiring, not the heaters, but better safe than miserable again. I had all the electric in that conduit stuff last time in the ceiling, but this time I had them run all the wiring through metal pipes under the ceiling, and put in another of those special circuit boxes that shuts off if a wire gets hot (although that box didn’t help too much the last time). This way if a wire does get funny, it’s inside the metal pipe and can’t cause a fire (knock on wood). I also added another pet door so now both exterior doors have one. If I had only had one on both doors before, I probably wouldn’t have lost my sweet Sammy.  

     All these changes added up to a healthy sum. Why do you think they call it a healthy sum, when it’s usually is a figure that makes you feel sick?! Anyway, thanks to your generous help, and my two maxed out credit cards, everything looks and runs great. I wanted to have everyone out to visit in the spring, but the animals and I wanted to put our best paw forward, so I tried to get the whole farm cleaned up and looking good. Did you ever notice that every time you fix or clean up one thing you find another right next to it to do? Well, that’s what happened to me, and I ran out of SPRING. The summer usually has everyone on vacation, and this one has been sooooo hot, I’ve decided to wait until fall to have our party. Maybe we’ll make it a HARVEST OF HAPPINESS gathering, or possibly a costume affair, a kind of MEMBERS MASQUARADE. Late October or early November will probably be best. Quoting the immortal words of Goldilocks, “not too hot and not too cold, but just right”. Right now I have fans blowing everywhere and the animals are not at their best lying around stretched out like yoga masters on the concrete to beat the heat! In this case I think later is better. I just didn’t want to wait until then to let you know how the residents of Namcha Home are doing.

     I suppose I should end this missive here, it’s easy for me to go on forever when the animals are involved. The animals and I truly appreciate your continuing support. We have been able to afford a somewhat nicer menu with your donations. If they had to depend solely on my salary alone again, they would all be eating rice and beans – with the beans only on the good days! Someday, the credit card companies will stop calling every month just because they miss hearing from me, but that may be some time from now. I wonder if I’ll miss hearing from them?! I’ll be in touch again soon to schedule our overdue party. I hope all of you can attend. I am looking forward to introducing each of you to the furry Ladies and Gentlemen whose lives you have enriched so much.

 Wags, purrs, love and prayers to all of you from all of us,


Sharon and the Fur Associates



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