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 Dear Namcha Friend,

      Our recent fire left the animals and I both frightened and devastated. It will take years for the vivid colors of my mental image of that day to fade. The Fire Investigator has determined the fire originated in the ceiling and was electrical in nature. Burning debris collapsing on it caused the damage around the heater. I have to admit I was somewhat relieved. I have always been afraid of fire, and have been very careful with the placement of supplies. The thought that I might have left something near the heater and forgotten it and caused the fire was almost worse than the fire itself. Although I was very lucky in that the firemen were so quick in getting the animals out, I did lose Sammy; and miss her very much.

     As that awful day wore on, I thought about the upcoming holidays. How would the animals and I ever have a “Merry” Christmas? Without their home, where would I hang the stockings that hold the chewy toys and catnip mice? As it was, I was about as merry as a graveyard on a wet Sunday. Then your calls started to come in. Expressions of concern and willingness to help, encouragement and consolation, as Blanche DuBois said in Streetcar “the kindness of strangers”. I had no idea it was possible to feel so unhappy and so uplifted at the same time. I heard somewhere the expression, “when happiness shows up, always give it a comfortable seat”. There will always be a “comfortable seat” reserved for you at Namcha Home. Your kindness and generosity have restored the happiness to my heart, and given new strength to my spirit.

      I WILL rebuild as soon as possible. The Ladies and Gentlemen in fur entrusted to me deserve their home back, and space must always be available for other animals in need. The first improvement I intend to make is to add an alarm system connected by telephone line to the Fire Department. Even though they say lightening never strikes twice in the same place, “they” could never know what a wonderful companion was lost in Sammy. I never want to lose a friend like that again.

      Once all the repairs have been completed, and Winter has moved on to Spring, you will hear from us again, and be invited to a day of visiting and meeting new friends. The only true way I can express my most sincere gratitude is to show you in person what your kindness has accomplished, and the happiness you have given to the residents of Namcha Home.


May God bless you always,

 Sharon E. McCaffrey

And the Ladies and Gentlemen of Namcha Home


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